Spiritual Thinking, Part 2

In Part 1, I bitched about sensors and feelers and how my spirituality doesn’t work like theirs. And it doesn’t. Not at all. But I get what they’re saying. I, too, have an unbearably beautiful vision of the world. I just come at it backwards compared to a lot of sensors and feelers.

Spiritual advice mostly starts with creating the right experience. For a senses-forward people this makes sense. Experience is easy for them. They’re awash in sensation and the memory of sensation. What they’re trying to learn is how to filter and focus that experience, bring it to a fine point, and use that point to punch through the surface of things and find what they’re looking for. And what they’re looking for is usually either above or below everyday reality–either lightness and freedom or groundedness and connection.

Me, I already have that vision. That, in many ways, is my inner reality. At times it’s so strong that I’m overwhelmed and paralyzed by it. My spiritual problem is not finding that vision, it’s connecting that vision to my everyday life and communicating it to others. I’m terrible at this, but I’m desperate to do it, which is why I go looking for spiritual advice. It’s also why I’m so bitterly frustrated when I can’t find it.

Anyone else out there with this problem? Is there any hope for me?

Featured image through mememaker.com

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