Holy Crap I Suck at Tarot

On a quest for something entirely different, I came across a fascinating tarot deck and just had to indulge. Their creator is out of town right this second (I stumbled on them the day before her trip started) but might be worth watching if you love unique tarot. It’s called the Antiquarian Tarot and features vintage/antique photographs with overlaid symbolic artwork.

bag and bookMe, I’m as interested in the book as the cards. For me, tarot is mostly about storytelling and psychological insight, so what people think of the tarot is as important as what cards I might pull. This time, my reading made me realize I haven’t been reading the tarot enough. I’ve gotten rusty, and this is a great review. Maree Bento, tarot creator, has a much more mystical bent than I do and that’s great. It gives me a perspective on the cards I wouldn’t come up with myself.

I’m also really into “old timey” photos right now (it’s an ancestor thing–I’ll show you when it’s ready) so this deck really speaks to where I’m at right now. I did a one-card reading on a whim and pulled the Tower card, which was sort of scary but also totally speaks to my renewed spiritual yearnings of late. So if you believe tarot is actually magic (instead of a psychological tool) you can make of that what you will. And buy accordingly. antiquarian 2

This same Etsy shop sells Lenormand cards, which I had never ever heard of but am now very intrigued by. My googling hints at a continental divide–it seems tarot are popular among Brits and Americans, while Lenormand cards are French and more popular among continental Europeans. I ordered a couple of cheap-ish decks on the internet to experiment with and I eagerly await their arrival. If any of you have experience with Lenormand decks, please share. I’m so curious.

antiquarianAll images my own, of the tarot deck I bought. For informational and review purposes only. 

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